Tactical Command Training


Our focus is on Firefighter Survival and building strong Incident Commanders. We believe that Size-Up is the most important skill we must develop and maintain throughout our careers. We concentrate on preventing the three common denominators of firefighter fatalities:

  • Lack of Command
  • Underestimating Fire Behavior
  • Poor Communications

This training program for Firefighter Safety and Survival will address those three common dominators and help to equip you to prevent firefighter fatalities in your organization. Register and practice this perishable skill. It may help save the life of a firefighter.

These realistic simulations were built by Fire Officers who have actually crawled down  hallways and commanded incidents.  There are over 500 opportunities to practice and improve your skills. Within those 500 prebuilt scenarios if you do not find buildings comparable to your jurisdiction just provide us with the photographs and we will build them for you.

The program has been developed for the Fire Service and can be used from any internet connected device. This is an automated system and the program does not need your training division to administer. The program can be used as an individual, together as a company or as a battalion.  This can be accessed 24/7/365 from any device in a very user friendly platform.

Each simulation has three parts: Performance, Evaluation and Education.

"Performance Phase":  Initial Radio Report, 360 assessment,  Secondary size-up, Verbal Incident Action Plan, Incident within the Incident, Transfer of  Command Report.

"Evaluation Phase":  reviews an audio file,  answer 30 questions about the performance. Comparing against their organizations Polices, Procedures, Tactics, Strategy and Staffing model.

"Education Phase":  analysis of  Fire Prediction & Behavior, Smoke Conditions, assessment of the Prevention Codes and Building Construction, factors will  effect fire behavior,for each scenario.

Mastering these components will increase your Command Presence and make the Fireground Operations safer.


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